The sandy soil around Bibione is idea for cultivating white asparagus, which has a delicate flavour and excellent nutritional properties. In the month of April every year, a special food festival is held, with a large number of stands offering speciality dishes to taste and selling local products.

The area also grows a top quality arborio rice that is ideal for fish based dishes. And if you dine in one of Bibione's many excellent restaurants, gilthead, bass, calamari, sardines, and crayfish are sure to be on the menu.

In addition to fish, food lovers can also enjoy a choice of strictly controlled meats, ideally accompanied by polenta, the traditional dish of the Veneto region, served fresh from the saucepan or sliced and fried.

In the countryside behind the beach, the Bibione Farming Cooperative cultivates a range of traditional summer fruit and vegetables using traditional and organically certified methods.

When it comes to wine, the nearby area of Lison – Pramaggiore is famous for its vineyards, and offers visitors the luxury of savouring fresh Pinot Grigio, herbaceous Cabernet Franc and fruity Chardonnay.

If you are a lover of fine wines, the Septemberfest is one occasion not to be missed. The Septemberfest is Bibione's traditional wine and grape festival, held every September as its name suggests.
Last but not least, the Veneto region also offers visitors its unique grappa, universally appreciated for its digestive properties.

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