The Spa Centre of Bibione

Bibione Spa lies between the seashore and the pine wood. The spa is recognised by the Italian ministry of health and its services are contracted to Italy's national health service.

Florinated sodium bicarbonate thermal spa water bubbles up from a depth of over 400 metres at a temperature of 52° C and is particularly indicated for mud bath treatments, respiratory therapies and cardiovascular rehabilitation. The spa also offers personalised beauty and prevention treatments. Visitors to Bibione can therefore combine a traditional seaside holiday with a session of wellbeing and healthcare treatment.

With is wide range of complementary services, Bibione Spa is a reference point for the entire north east of Italy. The spa attracts visitors almost all year round thanks to Bibione's excellent hotel accommodation and advanced services.

The spa introduces new services almost on a yearly basis and opens dedicated clinics equipped with the latest, most sophisticated diagnostic systems. The spa's specialist personnel are assisted by qualified doctors.

Continuous development has allowed the spa to integrate its services with those of the national health service and to become a reference point for prevention and rehabilitation.

The latest section was built and opened to the public in 2005, and provides hydrokinesis therapy for the spa rehabilitation of neurological and orthopaedic pathologies.

The opening of this department represented a major step forward and made Bibione Spa unique by providing a range of services and therapies based on specialist equipment like differential temperature hydromassage, counter-current swimming, chromotherapy, and cardiovascular exercise routes with hydromassage and plantar stimulation.

Bibione Spa is the pride of the area: since 1996, it has never stopped investing in professionalism and innovation.

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