The Sea

Bibione's beach offers the ideal opportunity for a quiet read, a romantic walk along the water's edge, or a spot of windsurfing. Expert animators are always on hand to entertain the kids, leaving parents free to relax and watch, make new friends, learn a new Latin American dance style, join a gymnastic workout, or do whatever takes their fancy.

The special characteristics of the beach and its functional and efficient tourist services guarantee safe and care-free enjoyment for all. Bibione's beach is unique for four main reasons. Its 11.5 kilometres of extra-fine, soft sand stretches inland from the waterline for an average of 400 metres and offers an impressive amount of free space, as the distance between the beach umbrellas confirms.

The vast beach also faces south, so that visitors can enjoy constant sunbathing from morning to evening. The beach is also ideal for families thanks to a gently sloping shoreline that makes it completely even for young children. Bathers' safety is protected by a total of 22 lifesavers equipped with rowing boats and jet skis.

The beach even has its own first aid post complete with defibrillation unit. Qualified medical staff are permanently present to give all necessary assistance.

Finally, efficient and functional beach services offer visitors everything they could possibly need. Bibione was the first Adriatic seaside resort to open its own Customer Service centre. The centre is staffed by a team of professionals who are specially trained to resolve all sorts of problem and satisfy all sorts of request with competence and courtesy.

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